Friday Finds

Happy Friday everyone. I have a quick round up of my latest discoveries from around the web. Hope you all enjoy!
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How gorgeous is this interior? I expecially love the lavender. So soothing and calm! And look at that garden! This must be a bed and breakfast or a resort of some sort. The picture was taken from the blog Brabourne Farm – Country House and Garden.


With nice weather out I’ve been seeing summer dresses everywhere lately. And when I think of summer and dresses , I think Free People.

free people dresses

A change in the season calls for a change in scent. I’ve been eyeing the latest fragrances from Urban Outfitters. They always have something that catches the eye, or should I say excites the senses. Either way, I think these are worth a look.

fragrances from uo

While stopping by at my local grocery store I noticed that all of the sea food was on sale. And what caught my attention was the tilapia. So of course I bought some and scoured the net for some dinner inspiration and I came across this Honey Lime Tilapia recipe. It looks so good.


That’s it for today folks. Hope everyone gets nice weather and enjoys the weekend. Till next time.


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